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Because life can get in the way of being healthy.

Tips, tricks + strategies for easing mealtime madness + boosting wellness

When dealing with limited time, energy and different diets under one roof, how do you stay sane, healthy and happy?

I’m a geeky, busy mom on a mission to get real about the triumphs and tribulations of creating a healthy meal and mindset while feeding a posse of unique palates and trying to lose weight.


Peace with Food

The good news is we don’t have to collect hundreds of recipes, be a short order cook or make picture perfect food for mealtime sanity, wellness or weight loss. Let’s make it simple and fresh.


Finding Joy

Improving our mindset motivates ourselves to ​eat better and helps us not beat ourselves up when we don’t, and this takes time. Let’s ease into it, find our happy place, one bite and one breath at a time.

Our Health & Food Blog

Passionate about helping you eat, think and feel better.