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nourishgeek your guide to eating feeling better for busy people by making real food simple


Real Food,


Are your meals frequently full of bags? boxes? stress? exhaustion?

The good news is we don’t have to collect hundreds of recipes, ban food groups or make picture perfect food to eat better.

Here you’ll enjoy easy, practical, guilt-free approaches for enjoying real food more often while returning sanity to your meals and busy life.

Reality of Good Intentions

Do you ever stock up on healthy hopes?

Do you ever find them rotting in the drawer of death suffering from busy schedules, low energy or particular palates?

We need simple solutions and guilt free guidance that fit our busy lives and unique food personalities.

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The Feel Good Formula

What makes us feel good?

When it come to food, how we feel is a product of what goes in our bodies (fuel) and what we do or think (focus)…

Feel Good = You { Fuel * Focus }

Fuel: Keep It Real

Have you ever sworn off something, only to binge on it shortly after?

What if we eat more real food and more veggies without overhauling our diet overnight?​

Sure, real life can get in the way of a healthy plate…and that’s what we’re here to work on.

Focus: Make It Fun

How can we enjoy ways to ​eat better and not stress or beat ourselves up about it?

What if we focus on what tastes good AND feels good instead of what we ‘can’t’ have?

Enjoying nourishing food balances the equation reducing filler food…and uses a whole lot less will power.

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One Byte at a Time

I’m tired of mealtime guilt, overwhelm, perfectionism and the demise of good intentioned veggies.

But, it’s taken a lifetime to form our habits.

Learning how to enjoy more whole food and plant based (veggie centric) meals takes time and is SO much easier if we ease into it.

We just need tiny shifts in our mealtime mechanics and mindset to eat better, one byte at a time.

Let’s focus on nourishing ourselves more often, and give ourselves permission to be imperfect the rest of the time.

Weight Loss Mission

As 40 quickly approaches, I’m on a mission to drop 40 pounds. So far, I’ve lost



eating more real food and plant based meals while enjoying indulgences in moderation.

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